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Privacy Policy

At Shoezen.com we respect our customers and we understand that your information is private. As a company we promise to respect your privacy. That means third parties will never gain access to or be sold any of your personal information.

When we gather information on this site it is to process your transaction or help make our site easier for you to use. You will have the option of using your email address to sign up for our newsletter or enter in any contests that we are running. Again, your email is your personal property and will not be sold to any third parties. You will always have the option of opting out of any emails being sent by Shoezen. Your email address will be used for contests in the event that you have won and we need to contact you so you can collect your prize.  

When visiting a website, you might not realize that you leave behind a trail, known as cookies. These cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your hard drive by your Internet browser. We use these cookies to make shopping easier for you. With the use of cookies we can gain access to browsing and purchasing habits, but never any confidential information stored on your hard drive.